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Military Badge

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The LED light can be mounted on a PCB on a zinc alloy or stainless steel lapel pin, and the fittings on the back can be a butterfly clutch or magnet.

Celebrate your special holiday party this year with this shiny seasonal shape badge from GlowProducts.com.It will make you shine in the crowd

  • Military Badge

Product Detail

Light up a winter wonderland with a sparkling Christmas tree! Can you guess who will come down the chimney this year?At Christmas time, Santa Claus will point to the glittering badge, this is a very interesting thing ! Our red, white or green light holders can be used to make fun Christmas crafts, decorations and light balloons, or you can dress yourself up as a Christmas tree!We have mini LED clips on the lights with steady light needles and flashing Blinkies and have many color options.


This Halloween will be special with ghosts and lights filled with our creative Halloween theme! Fun color changes and skull shapes will keep you entertained. Our classic black cat flash badges, pumpkin shaped glowing pins and flashing black bat-body lights are must-haves for this Halloween! If you don’t want to get too scared, here’s our happy Blinky Pin, who’s sure to put a smile on everyone’s face this Halloween!



If you have a school dance, a romantic Valentine’s dinner or a heartwarming charity event, then we have badges for you!

Tell Cupid you’ve been shot by our hearts and arrows.

If you’re not sure if your mood is right for love?

Then our slow color will change according to your mood, the heart is shining for you.

If it’s your turn at the kissing booth this year, it’s time to get your hot lips insignia!


Get ready to light up st. Patrick’s Day, the most fun festival in the world!

We also have sparkling beer glasses and martini shapelamps!

Or just light yourself with flashing green clip on the light or green stable lamp clip on the light!









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