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Die stuck lapel pin

Short Description:

Bare Metal Designs With Intricate Detail
Custom molded pins have a bare metal design that flashes under any light source.
The high polish design on the lapels of black suits and jackets is beautiful, while the embossed pins with antique finishes are more subtle.
Customers will love our soft enamel or cloisonne options to mix and match colors in their design,but for a truly classic design,die struck pins are the best choice.

  • Die stuck lapel pin
  • Die stuck lapel pin
  • Die stuck lapel pin
  • Die stuck lapel pin
  • Die stuck lapel pin
  • Die stuck lapel pin
  • Die stuck lapel pin
  • Die stuck lapel pin

Product Detail

Die struck pins are the perfect gift for employee recognition programs, academic achievements, team pride and other occasions.

Our art team has the experience of hand-crafting unique artwork from scratch and recreating the team logo, motto and badge with perfect precision.

We are the best choice for you if you need a set of die struck lapel pins.

The process of making die struck pins is a traditional process, which is actually the first step in creating many different types of custom lapel pins.

By making the mold a special tool, saving the reflection of your design, and using it to knock (or stamp) your design on the base metal, we can make sharp and detailed stamping parts, and obtain high-quality pins.

The most striking feature of the last molding pin is its raised polished surface and concave textured background.

Our die struck Lapel Pins use brass or copper base metal because of its softness to achieve high quality stamping. Choose one of our many plating options; gold, copper and bronze; and other options to make your design different.

Add a synthetic stone, serial number, or any of our packaging options to create the perfect molded needle as a gift, acknowledge an achievement, or commemorate an anniversary.

Is the mold suitable for my design? Die pins are the best choice, the design does not include color enamel or printed images.

These custom pins usually have a beautiful, antique look and are great designs that require clean, elegant lines.


If you have any questions, please contact us or order custom pins with your other options!

You will determine which pin style is suitable for your design with our experienced team.

Fill in our customized product quotation request form and provide as many details as possible. Our team will contact you within 1 working day to discuss your next action.









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