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Hinged Lapel pin

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With a little hinge device inset, the hinged lapel pins become foldable and can open and close easily! It’s a good choice for expressing more messages designs. Although it is a simple function design, the accurate and smooth movement requires experienced skills, and with years of manufacturing experiences for metal lapel pins, we are able to make this hinged lapel pin with high quality and fancy looks.

  • Hinged Lapel pin

Product Detail

Slide moving pins are one of the unique designs of pins, equipped with small hinged devices that allow you to easily open and close pins.

If you have more logos, text and slogans that can be displayed on the pins, this is the best application because there are three sides that can be used to convey the message.

Although this is a simple function or concept, accurate and smooth movement requires experienced skills, we are specialized in manufacturing lapel pins.

The following are some common lapel pins/brooches for your reference


Hinged lapel pin with a small hinged device inset, hinged lapel pin becomes foldable and can be easily opened and closed!

This is a great way to convey more information about the design, as there are three faces for the client to place the text, slogan and logo.

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Custom lapel pins are used for a wide variety of purposes, such as strengthening the customer’s brand, increasing exposure, service incentives and employee recognition.









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